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Severna Park

Welcome to Severna Park

A bustling, suburban town tucked away in a quaint and peaceful stretch of Maryland’s coastline.
This tranquil coastal town perfectly melds together the majesties of Mother Nature with a modern, suburban lifestyle without undermining the beauty flowing through the area’s forests and waterfronts. The Magothy and Severn rivers flowing along either side of the peninsula serve as near endless streams of entertainment for residents and visitors of Severna Park. Then, amenities such as the Chartwell Golf & Country Club offer residents one of many modes of relaxation. The area’s local restaurants ensure that residents’ every meal is one to remember.
This peaceful neck of Maryland wasn’t built overnight. The entire Chesapeake region has a fascinating wealth of history baked into the walls that support its many buildings. Severna Park has an origin story stretching back to the mid-1600s when European Puritans settled the nearby city of Annapolis.
Later, the region was split up into five separate grants. One of these grants was purchased by Christopher Randall, who dubbed his newly purchased land “Randall’s Grant.” This grant consisted of the lands that would later become Linstead and Severna Park. After a naming contest, the town’s name was changed to “Severna Park” in 1906. For those looking for a place to help them teach their little ones, The Chesapeake Children's Museum can assist in educating the next generations of Maryland all about the history of Severna Park and the entire Chesapeake Bay area.

What to Love

  • The quaint and natural atmosphere
  • A variety of delicious flavors found in restaurants
  • The many parks and trails sprinkled around the region
  • The area’s rich historical significance 

Local Lifestyle

The people of Severna Park are an easygoing and friendly bunch, and a welcoming air is sure to accompany you throughout your journeys in the Chesapeake Bay area. Apart from their pleasant personalities, they also know how to have fun. The area is home to the Baltimore and Annapolis Trail, where the area’s outdoorsy types regularly enjoy a lovely biking excursion complemented by a series of convenient stops along the way like the B&A Trail Park or the B&A Trail Station. 
Then there’s the Chartwell Golf & Country Club, where residents can practice their strokes and hone their skills through 18 holes. The club also boasts seven tennis courts, a fitness and wellness center, and many venues that can accommodate everything from a barbecue to a wedding. 
So whether you’re searching for a bite to eat at Severna Park’s many wonderful restaurants or cruising along the Magothy River, Severna Park has a little something for everyone to enjoy.
Dining, Entertainment & Shopping
Is it considered living without good food? Severna Park has that covered in spades as well. At the top of our list today, Cafe Mezzanotte offers sustainably-farmed local ingredients in delicious Italian dishes. 
Next up, there’s Park Tavern, where patrons are treated to their choice of incredible burgers, salads, and draft beers. The Breakfast Shoppe has just the thing to kickstart your morning with hearty breakfast dishes. 
On the other hand, if you’re craving something reminiscent of south of the border, Vida Taco has some of the best locally-sourced tacos in the state. Lastly, Garry’s Grill serves incredibly well-prepared shrimp and calamari.

Things to Do

When your busy week ends, enjoy a day out with the whole family or friends on the weekend. Maybe stop by The Cottage and pick up something new to fit with this season’s fashion line. 

How about a day spent connecting with nature at Kinder Farm Park, where you and your family and friends can watch various farming activities, from the blacksmithing guild firing up the forge to the natural magic of livestock births. Maybe that’s all a bit too much for you. That’s just fine. Maybe all you need is your favorite beer and a sunny day of fishing and coasting along the Severn River. Severna Park has something for everyone, so come and start your adventure.
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