Navigating Commissioning Week in Annapolis: A Guide to Some of Our Favorite Spots 

Are you heading to Annapolis for Commissioning Week? 

As you navigate through Commissioning Week, take the time to appreciate the significance of this momentous occasion for the graduating midshipmen and their families. Enjoy the city's charm, savor the local cuisine, and create unforgettable memories in this historic and vibrant destination.  Annapolis is a vibrant city with rich history, charming streets, and a bustling waterfront. Whether you're a proud family member, a friend, or a supporter of the Naval Academy, here's what you need to know to make the most of your time during this special week. 

Click here to check out the Academy site for a full calendar of events. So much to see and hear - from the Glee Club to the Blue Angels. 

Where to Park (download ParkMobile app now - it will be your friend this week) 

  • Downtown Parking Garages: Park at the Knighton or Gott's Court parking garages, which are conveniently located near downtown Annapolis. 
  • From there, you can easily walk to the Naval Academy and explore the shops and restaurants. 
  • Naval Academy Parking: If you're attending events at the Naval Academy, consider using the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium parking lot or taking advantage of shuttle services from designated parking areas. 

When do the Blue Angels take the skies? We usually get to witness the awe-inspiring Blue Angels a few times this week. From the heart-stopping maneuvers to the thunderous roar of their jets, practice day is a thrilling sneak peek into the precision and skill of these elite aviators. 

  • Tuesday: This is rehearsal day which is typically around 2pm
  • Wednesday: The main show is scheduled for 2pm.
  • Friday: The jets fly over the stadium during graduation and that is scheduled for a few minutes after 10am.

Anticipated Road Closures

  • Tuesday: Route 450 (Naval Academy Bridge) will be closed from 10:45 AM to 4 PM.
  • Wednesday: Route 450 (Naval Academy Bridge) will be closed from 1:45- to 4pm. If they can’t practice on Tuesday we might see an earlier closure on Wednesday)  

* Keep in mind that all Blue Angel events are weather dependent and not always right on schedule. 

Food and Spirits: Hello Home recommends these spots when it’s time to enjoy a meal. 

  • Vin 909: A favorite in Eastport, the salads, pizza and everything else on the menu. 
  • Bakers & Co: Only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday but well worth the wait - family cafe with sweets, soups and savory tarts & more.
  • Rise Up: Downtown location is right in front of City Dock and a great place to grab your morning coffee or their famous coffee smoothies. 
  • The GOAT: Do not leave town without enjoying lunch or at the very least one of their signature cocktails. 
  • Carpaccio's: If you are looking for a great gluten free pizza try the Grandma Pizza on Gluten Free crust. The rest of their menu is delicious as well!
  • Joss: Our go to for Sushi on Main Street.
  • Gimlet at Level: Did someone say Tapas and Happy Hour? 
  • Curate for Coffee:  Yummy baked goods and we have clients who come from Capitol Hill just to enjoy their coffee.
  • Iron Rooster: Delicious breakfast, known for its mouthwatering homemade pop tarts and signature benedicts. 
  • Mike’s Crabs: Enjoy Maryland crabs, a waterfront restaurant offering a true taste of the Chesapeake Bay. 
  • The Choptank: In the heart of downtown Annapolis on “Ego Alley” with fantastic views and great gathering space for friends featuring live music 
  • Ice Cream: Annapolis Ice Cream on Main St. or Always Ice Cream in West Annapolis is our favorite. 
  • Rutabaga: Looking for a great Acai bowl, juice or smoothie. This is our favorite and it’s located in West Annapolis!
  • Evelyn’s: This gem in West Annapolis is our go to for breakfast and lunch. Make sure you enjoy their cream of crab soup - a locals favorite. Free street parking and usually pretty easy to find. 
  • Chessie’s Wharf: This is new to the West Annapolis restaurant scene and a great place to grab a burger or choose from their 38 Draft selections from their Brewery, RAR in Cambridge, Md. Great place to catch a game and we hear their mocktails are pretty great too!

Gems We Recommend: 

  • Quiet Waters Park: If you're looking for a peaceful escape, head to Quiet Waters Park for scenic walking trails, picnicking, and beautiful gardens. It's a hidden gem away from the hustle and bustle of downtown. 
  • Take a boat tour to see the city from a different perspective. We are big fans of the Historic Skipjack Wilma Lee. Click here to learn more. 
  • Annapolis Maritime Museum: Dive into Annapolis' maritime heritage where you can learn about the city's seafaring traditions and ecological conservation efforts.   
  • Kayak or Paddle through Annapolis: Click here to check out their events from Blue Angels Airshow, Sunrise/Sunset Paddles, Paddleboarding Pub Tours and more. 
  • Visit the Maryland State House and the shops along State Circle. Annapolis Pottery is a great place to pick up a little something to remember your trip.
  • Enjoy a tour of the U.S. Naval Academy Museum and spend the day on the yard. Click here for details.
  • Simply grab a cup of coffee and admire the architecture of the 18th-century homes, the Annapolis Harbor and soak in the picturesque views of sailboats, yachts, and the Chesapeake Bay. 

Let’s all enjoy Commissioning Week and celebrate the accomplishments of the graduating class.  - Betty and Kate

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