Local Business Highlight: iTrip Vacations Annapolis

Have you ever considered renting your home as a short-term rental? As the state capital and home to the USNA, Annapolis is a weekend destination making it a hot short-term rental market. 

We sat down with Sean and Jen Degnan, owners of iTrip Annapolis Vacation Rental to hear more about their business and the services they offer. Thanks, Sean and Jen for taking the time to chat with us! 

Whether you are considering renting your primary residence or purchasing an investment property to rent, iTrip has all of the answers! 

If you are considering purchasing a property, iTrip can run a Rental Income Projection report for any address, to help homeowners decide which investment properties to potentially bid on or prioritize over others they’re considering.

Once you’re under contract, iTrip can guide you through the licensing/registration process with the County, State and/or City. iTrip can also be a sounding board on how to furnish, decorate and stock your home for your guests.

Once you own the property, iTrip can handle all aspects of managing your property and the guests, including professional photography, writing/posting your listing across several listing sites and marketing channels; all guest communications; coordination with cleaning and maintenance crews and third-party contractors when necessary; multiple weekly inspections, and more.

A few insider tips from the pros:

  1. Short-term renting can be more work than long-term renting, but it’s FAR more profitable and better for wear-and-tear on a home because of all the extra eyes and care we have on your home. 
  2. We’ve also learned that 3 or 4-bedroom single-family homes are the most desirable rentals in Annapolis. 1-2 bedrooms and 5+ don’t rent as consistently, and condos/townhomes usually have HOAs that often have restrictions on short-term rentals.
  3. Parking is gold! If you have it, you’ll book more often and be able to charge a lot more. Don't worry if you don't have parking; we can help with other options like paid garages you can buy a monthly spot in, or in some situations, guest passes you can get from the City of Annapolis.  

Sean and Jen have helped a number of our clients with their short-term rentals including my clients who purchased  408 Adams Street in the heart of Eastport. pictured above. If you know someone coming to town and looking for a place to stay - check out "Around the Corner". 

We are happy to connect you with our clients who already work with Sean and Jen so they can share more about their experiences and help answer any questions you may have about the process. We are thankful our team has access to the best of the best in our business to share with our clients!

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