5 Tips to Add Holiday Curb Appeal to Your Home

Everyone loves to decorate their homes during the holidays. You don't need to be the Griswolds to add some festive cheer to your home's curb appeal either. Check out our top tips to add some festive curb appeal to your home during the holidays: 

  1. Door Decór

The wreath is the quintessential decoration! There are plenty of great wreaths out there to buy, or you can add decorations to a bare one and make it your own.

  1. Get Lit

Sometimes the right lights, positioned in the right place, make all the difference in the world. Simple white lights are a classic staple of any great holiday home. Line columns, window frames, or railings to add some extra warmth to your abode.

  1. Spruce Things Up

Even in the middle of winter, there are a few plants like boxwood and spruce trees that can add a pop of color to your entryway. 

  1. Spread the Love

Gates, fences, front porches, and walkways are great opportunities to extend your décor and call attention to the property’s features. Add some simple lights or evergreen garland to show some classic festive decor. 

  1. Color that Pops

Few things match the visual appeal of a potted poinsettia, or two, or three!  Add them around your entrance, or cluster them together. 


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